Greek Wipeout Course

I have been working on a Greek Wipeout Course over the last year and have finally finished it. Enjoy!

Wipeout Obstacles

     Lyre Walk-

The Lyre Walk is three moving lyre string moving side to side with swords moving underneath them. The lyre is after Apollo, the god of music. The object is to make it across to the other side without falling into the water.

lyre walk

     Shield Wall-

The Shield wall is basically the Sucker-Punch Wall except with small shields (not real) instead of punching gloves. The object is to get to the other side without being punched off into the mud.

shield wall

Swinging Blades-

The swinging blades are two swords, a trident, and an axe swinging back and forth (not real). You have to avoid each of the blades to cross to the other side. To make it harder, blocks in the floor move up and down.

swinging blades

Sun Balls-

Apollo’s Sun Balls are the big balls in yellow, representing the sun. The object is to jump from Sun to Sun to reach the other side without falling off. If you hesitate to long before starting, Hephaestus giant hammer knocks you onto them.

sun balls

Collapsing Pillars-

The Collapsing Pillars are four gray pillars (not stone) with gray foam blocks sitting on top of the pillars. The object is to jump from pillar to pillar to get to the other side without falling off.

collapsing pillars

I’m Going To Be Completely Honest: This Sucks

I’m Joseph and I go to Westwood View Elementary. Westwood View is in the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD). I am posting from the E.L. room but by the time somebody reads this post I will not be here. The whole of E.L. here got the news that our awesome teacher, Ms. Schmidt, is getting “reassigned” (fired) and the E.L. program here will be shut down. This is just one of the many changes that has happened to the SMSD school district. Right now I am going to be completely honest: this really sucks. I would say a bunch of words that describe how I feel right now but they are all inappropriate. The reason that Ms. Schmidt is getting fired is a stupid reason. The “brilliant” SMSD school district is running out of money and they needed to fire 10 teachers. And they fired them because of how old they are. They don’t care how many years they spent in college to be a teacher, they just fire them because they think that the younger they are, the less experience they have in teaching. I believe, that the whole reason for building a school is to educate children. This is “supposedly” the most important thing that the United States can do, educate children. But when we end up paying sports players and advertising companies more money then we do our teachers, and we have to fire our teachers, what’s the point of having a school? To be completely honest the United States is in national debt, most of the school districts are out of money, and we are overrun with pollution and drugs, all because we pay our celebrities, sports players, and television companies, more than our schools. And we are STILL the wealthiest and healthiest country in the world. Really, this sucks, and nobody wants to do anything about it except the students, and nobody wants to listen to them do they?

Valentine’s Day

Across America and in other places of the world, on February 14, candy and flowers are given to loved ones. One legend of Valentine’s Day goes back to Rome to a priest named Valentine in third century Rome when Emporer Claudius ll decided that single men made better soldiers that married men with children. So he outlawed marrige for young men, his potential solders. Valentine realized the injustice of the decree and kept on performing marriges in secret. Once Claudius heard about this defiance, he ordered Valentine to be put to death. Some people belive that Valentines Day is celebrated to honor the priest when he died which was around about 270 A.D.

Snow Days


Snow days are supposed to be enjoyable. They’re all about sledding and snowball fights. It’s about getting snow in your boxers and going home for hot chocolate. But for some people I know, if you’re out of school, you need to do schoolwork and chores. Thankfully, I was able to have an epic snowball fight with my brother, dump him off of a sled 15 times, and get us both soaked with snow. We got our sled out of our basement and had a contest to see who could slide the farthest on it. Next, my brother stood up on the sled and I pulled him to see how long he could stand up before he fell off. We took turns pulling each other on the sled and I won the contest. I actually was able to stand up on a trip all the way around the backyard. Other than that over the snow days I did almost nothing.

New Year

I’m not going to make this a long post because it don’t really want to talk about 2010 as a whole because for me it was pretty depressing. Anyway, my New Year’s resolution is to kick my friends’ butts in our basketball games since we’re on different teams  in the same league.

Broseph has spoken